Intensive English

Intensive English Course

Our Intensive English course is one of the most popular English language courses. It is for adults who prefer to combine group study sessions while studying English in Iraq at BII.

The group course will help you:

  • Improve your fluency
  • Improve your general level of English and understanding of the English language
  • Develop your vocabulary about topics of general interest which are relevant to everyday life
  • Develop the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing

During the one-to-one lessons you will:

Decide with your teacher which areas of language you would like to work on. You might want extra fluency practice, some practical writing tips or vocabulary building about a specific topic of your choice.

What will you study?
As an adult following an Intensive English course, you improve your level of English as you study various areas of language including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. You develop the four basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as develop your fluency around topics of general interest.

During the one-to-one sessions, you focus on the areas of English language which you feel are more important for you.

Intensive English Course Details

Levels Offered

A1 (Beginners) to C2 (Advanced)

Number of Students

Maximum 15 students per class and individual tuition

in the afternoon

Age of Students

18 years old and over

Start Day

Every Month

Lessons Per Week

60 lessons of 90 minutes each in group class +

4 lessons of 90 minutes each of individual private lessons

Lesson Times

Sunday to Thursday, morning and afternoon

How is the Intensive English course structured?
As an Intensive English learner you follow 60 General English group lessons (of 90 minutes each) and 4 individual or one-to-one lessons (of 90 minutes each) per week.

Like most of the other English language courses offered by BII in Iraq, the Intensive English course is offered to learners of all levels from Beginner (A1 Common European Framework Reference) to Proficiency (C2 CEFR).

Your level of English is determined by our Academic staff either through the BII online placement test (which must be submitted at least 14 days before you start your course) or through a short test which you sit for on your first day at school.

You can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our e-Learning programme from the time you enrol until three months after you finish your course.


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