One-On-One Courses are our most flexible, individualized option here at BII. They can be tailored specifically to your goals and offer the maximum amount of progress during a short period of time.

By following this course you will:

  • improve  your level significantly in a short time
  • have the opportunity to target learning in areas of weakness or areas where you are lacking confidence
  • benefit from uninterrupted teacher attention
  • build a one on one relationship with an experienced teacher
  • experience individualized instruction either on its own or to supplement a General English Course

Course Options:

Combine with a General Course

Take advantage of the interaction found on a group course and the personal attention of One-On-One classes. You may combine 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 One-On-One lessons with a group course to help you reach your English goals. Times based around General Course availability and your availability.

Personalized One-On-One Only

If you feel that you learn a language better with a private teacher, take advantage of our One-On-One courses on their own. You tailor the lessons to fit your needs and goals; your teacher will work with you to design a curriculum based around those goals so you can achieve fluency at your own rate.

Maximum flexibility

Feel free to go 'off topic'. A One-On-One lesson is designed for you, by you. Set your own goals for the lesson and one of our friendly English teachers will help you reach them. The flexibility of our teachers allows you to choose the English that you want to learn.

Individual focus

A private English lesson means personalised attention to you - you will receive your teachers undivided attention, receive guidance and feedback that is specific to you and your goals.

Tailored to your needs

Spending so much direct time in contact with your teacher means that he/she will know exactly which areas of your English you need to improve. Working together you will reach your English goal. That's the benefit of such a high level of personalised attention.

While following your course, you can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our BII e-Learning Program from the time you enroll until three months after you finish your course.

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