English for Marketing and Advertising

This course is designed for professionals working in the field of Marketing and Advertising.

All of the essential responsibilities in these domains are covered by this programme and particular emphasis is placed upon the relevant vocabulary and speaking skills needed to work efficiently in English.

Telephoning, emailing, meetings and presentation skills are practised, alongside the important specialist vocabulary relating to branding, market research, advertising rates, direct marketing and public relations.

This specialised programme is composed of seven 4 hour modules which focus on the principal themes of these professional fields:

Module 1. An Introduction to Marketing and Advertising

Module 2. Finding the Customer

Module 3. Planning a Marketing Strategy

Module 4. Creating Advertisements

Module 5. Marketing Tools

Module 6. Presenting Your Public Face

Module 7. Marketing Through Trade Fairs

Course Requirements

Candidates for this course must have an intermediate level of competency in the English language, equivalent to level B2 of the Standard European Framework. Placement tests will be conducted by BII before admittance to the course.

While following your course, you can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our BII e-Learning Program from the time you enroll until three months after you finish your course.

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pean Framework. Placement tests will be conducted by BII before admittance to the course.


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