English for the Energy Industry

This specialised programme is designed for people who need to communicate effectively in the energy business and its associated fields.

It covers the necessary linguistic skills for understanding and talking about daily situations in the working environment, as well as the more complex developments within the energy industry.

Each module of the course has its own thematic focus and is relevant to employees engaged in different positions and roles. Covered topics include: energy production and distribution, environmental protection, technology, sales and distribution, PR, business policy and strategy.

The six 4 hour modules are as follows:

Module 1. An Introduction to the Energy Business

Module 2. Markets and Customers

Module 3. Protecting the Environment

Module 4. The Nuclear Issue

Module 5. Investment Plans

Module 6. The Future of Energy

Course Requirements

Candidates for this course must have an intermediate level of competency in the English language, equivalent to level B2 of the Standard European Framework. Placement tests will be conducted by BII before admittance to the course.

While following your course, you can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our BII e-Learning Program from the time you enroll until three months after you finish your course.

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