Writing Emails in English

The most common method of written correspondence in English across the world is undoubtedly the email. Writing emails in a foreign language requires a high level of proficiency and a range of communicative skills which are not usually covered by English language courses. It takes awareness, preparation and practice to write in a style appropriate to the context, using relevant vocabulary and expressions which give clarity to the message being communicated.

The BII ‘Writing Emails in English’ course is designed for anyone who would like to improve their emailing skills in the English language. From the most informal exchange of basic information to more complex and delicate negotiations, this programme will enable you to express yourself more clearly using easily understandable language and an appropriate level of formality.

Emphasis is placed upon real life simulations and plenty of written practice. Key expressions are introduced in the order that they will be required, thereby providing the trainee with an extensive glossary of terms which can be adapted to a vast range of emailing contexts. In short, this course deals systematically with the key language needed for constructing effective and convincing emails in English, essential to any organisation wishing to be taken seriously in a rapidly changing international business environment.

Course Requirements

Candidates for this course must have a minimum intermediate level of competency in the English language, equivalent to level B2 of the Standard European Framework. Placement tests will be conducted by BII before admittance to the course.


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