Telephoning in English

Speaking on the telephone is one of the most common forms of communication currently used in the world of business and international affairs. It is also one of the most difficult as we are unable to see the correspondent we are dealing with and so listening is especially important. To add to the difficulty of making and receiving calls in English, there are many expressions which are used exclusively on the telephone and an informal code of telephone etiquette which needs to be mastered in order to maximise the efficiency of the calls we make and receive.

This course is designed for anyone who needs to develop their telephoning skills in the English language and is presented in practical modules which cover all aspects of telephone communication. From the basic skills needed to make and receive straightforward calls in English to the more complex skills required to participate in conference calls or deal with complicated enquiries and complaints, this course provides the necessary skills required to ensure the effectiveness of your organisation’s telephone communications .

Course Requirements

Candidates for this course must have a minimum pre- intermediate level of competency in the English language, equivalent to level B1 of the Standard European Framework.

Placement tests will be conducted by BII before admittance to the course.


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