Teen Courses

Your BII English language learning experience in Iraq
A language learning experience at BII provides teenagers with a wealth of opportunities to meet other young language learners from all over the world. English lessons for teens are packed with task-based activities which serve as a platform for students to practise their English in meaningful and real-life situations. Lessons are combined with exciting, fully-supervised out-of-school activities.

English language courses at the British International Institute may vary in length from 4 to 8 study weeks.

You may choose your BII Teen English course from the following:

  • General English
  • Intensive English
  • Private Tuition
  • Young Learners

Your English language level
All teens may take their English placement test online (www.bii-iraq.com) at least 7 days before their course start date. Alternatively, students may sit for a placement test on their first day of school. Placement tests allow our Academics Team to determine students’ level of English and place them in a class which is suitable for their age and language level. Our academic staff ensures that there is a good mix of nationalities in every class.

Your teachers
Our teachers are qualified, holding either a B.A. or M.A. in relevant fields. They are experienced and follow regular teacher training programmes. They develop courses and prepare stimulating lessons specifically for teens which will keep them talking and enjoying learning a new language!

Our teachers use authentic materials such as newspapers, the internet, radio and TV programmes and other media, bringing the real world into the classroom.

While following your course, you can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our BII e-Learning Program from the time you enroll until three months after you finish your course.

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